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Energy & Carbon Action Plan Reporting

Armed with all the relevant information from either your Smart Metering or billing a member of the team will attend site and review on-site infrastructure and operational use to identify and quantify savings opportunities. Our survey team are fully trained engineers and are specialists in the conduct of on-site energy and water surveys. The findings will then be reported back in our unique Energy Action Plan format.

Our Surveys and Monitoring & Targeting will identify capital investment opportunities that Clients will want to roll-out to all of their sites. We have a proven track record of managing such roll-outs.

Water Conservation & Regulations

Water Conservation

Just like every other utility coming into your building, water is supplied via a meter and is charged for based on usage. It is unique among utilities in that you also pay for its disposal through drainage charges. Therefore, like all other utilities, water wastage is a cost to your business that can be controlled. For example, a slowly dripping tap will, if un-repaired, cost you around £100 per year in increased consumption. An incorrectly set or overflowing float valve within a cistern (toilet or header tank) can cost upwards of £1,000 per year if un-repaired or unnoticed. We have also found underground leaks that have cost customers over £20,000 per year!

How can we help?

We have fully trained engineers to find water leaks wherever they may be located. Once found, we will measure the rate of leakage and produce a report detailing our findings. This will include the estimated cost per year of the wastage, a budget cost for the necessary remedial work, and the return on investment analysis. This allows you to make an informed decision whether to repair or not (clearly we would recommend that you always do). Repairs can be carried out by your preferred contractors (managed by us if required), or we can introduce you to one of our national contractor base who will provide you with a formal quotation. Our experience indicates that most repairs will deliver a return on investment in less than one year.

Water Regulations – What Are They?

The Water Regulations are rules that govern the installation of hot and cold water systems in England. They came into force in 1991 to replace the previous systems of local water bylaws operated by each individual water supply company to provide a unified approach across the country.

Why Are They Important?

The purpose behind the regulations is to ensure that water supply systems remain safe and ensure that fresh wholesome water is delivered to points of use, as well as ensuring that wastage is kept to a minimum.

How Are They Enforced?

Each individual water company has a duty to inspect the premises within their areas of operation to ensure compliance. This inspection process is prioritised by the risk of contamination each site presents. In practice it is the highest risk sites that are surveyed by the water company first (eg. Abatoirs, Chemical Producers). This is now substantially complete, and we are now seeing more surveys at mainstream commercial properties. After visiting site, the water company surveyor will issue a notice of defects which must be remedied within 14 days. If this is not done, the water company have the right to instruct their contractors to come onto your property and undertake the works on your behalf and at your ultimate cost – recovered by the water company. At this point you have effectively lost control over timing and cost, and will invariably be charged substantially more than if you appointed your own contractors.

What Are The Benefits of using CRS Ltd?

Once we advise the water companies that the site has been surveyed and remedial works are confirmed as carried out, your site will effectively come off their list for up to 5 years.

  • Control over when the sites are surveyed.
  • Control over when and how much you spend on remedial works.
  • Certainty that your sites are compliant.

Energy Procurement

At CR Smith Project Management we have specialists in Energy Contracts who will provide full support from tender stage through to the contract negotiation in a friendly and efficient manner. Using our access to wholesale energy prices and in depth market knowledge we are perfectly placed to provide your company with clear tender recommendations and predicted cost savings.

There are many advantages of using our company via outsourcing your procurement such as:-

  • We will review your current circumstances
  • Handle any ongoing Registration Issues
  • Scrutinise the consistency of the contracts
  • With our wide knowledge of contracts we will confirm the suitability of the T&C’s
  • Circulate the tender details to the market to all Energy Suppliers
  • Monitor and manage your supplies from the registration process through to any contract terminations and renewals to give you peace of mind

We work differently to the traditional brokers in that we will reinvest part of the commission from the Supplier/Client to work with you on an energy management programme to our Clients sites. This has worked well in the past with some of our larger Clients and we can provide case studies and references for these if required.

Fire Risk Assessments

Why are Fire Risk Assessments Required?

Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) are a legal requirement for all UK businesses and organisations. On 1st October 2006 the Regulatory Reform (Fire & Safety) Order 2005 (RRO), came into force. This supercedes all existing Fire legislation and in essence means that Fire Certificates will no longer be issued by the Fire Brigade to all but certain high risk establishments.

Who is responsible for carrying them out?

The above legislation means that Employers have become solely responsible for Fire safety within their workplace and can demonstrate compliance by means of a Fire safety risk assessment. Any business employing more than 1 person needs to be able to show that due care and attention has been paid to Fire safety for employees and visitors alike. Should you fail to produce an adequate Fire Risk Assessment, or the enforcing authority (usually the local Fire authority) are not satisfied with your safety measures, they may restrict the use of your premises or close them all together.

What is involved in a Fire Risk Assessment?

CR Smith Project Management Ltd can undertake your FRA on any type of property. Following an extensive site visit I will produce a user friendly report to guide the management of Fire safety at each site. This will identify not only specifics room by room but also a list of management deficiencies to be rectified and a list of Fire safety deficiencies to be rectified, by means of an action plan with dates.

Contents of an FRA report

We can guide you through writing and implementing an Emergency Action Plan and preparing a Director’s mission statement with commitments. I can also highlight other benefits of the assessment such as correct resource allocation and delegation of responsibilities and help promote a Fire safety culture within your organisation. Our reports also typically include observations and findings relevant to the following:

  • General description of the premises including occupancy and size
  • Control measures in place including training, Fire procedures, testing and monitoring
  • Diagrammatic plan of premises indicating means of escape and Fire Fighting equipment
  • Protection of escape routes and external exit routes
  • Fire hazards and ignition sources
  • Adequacy of Fire warning system including Fire and smoke detection
  • Adequacy of Fire signage and notices
  • Adequacy of Emergency lighting
  • Adequacy of Fire Fighting equipment
  • Access for Fire Fighting and Fire Fighter safety including staircase and corridor ventilation
  • Identification of significant hazards present at time of survey
  • Client Strategy for compliance
  • An action plan providing recommendations and timescales

Why choose CR Smith Project Management Ltd?

We will take the pressure away from you and ensure that you are compliant with the legislation by undertaking Fire Risk Assessments on your behalf. We have been fully trained by RoSPA and have over 8 years experience in the property services business. Not only do we produce the FRAs but we can also project manage the on-site delivery of any recommendations that are required to ensure your compliance. The cost of FRA’s vary on the size of the property.

Water Hygiene / Legionella ACoP L8 Management

Legionnaires disease occurs as a result of infections caused by the legionellaceae family of bacteria. It is a form of pneumonia which results in around 250 identified cases a year and can prove fatal, especially to the elderly or those prone to respirable problems. Legionnaires disease is contracted by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in air which contain the legionella bacterium. Legionnaires bacteria occurs naturally in surface water and soils etc but can also proliferate within man made environments such as cooling towers, hot and cold distribution systems, water plant, humidifiers and air washers. Proliferation of the bacteria typically occurs between 20oC – 45oC and is assisted by the presence of suitable nutrients present in Dirt, Sludge and Scale as well as conditions of poor water flow, stagnation or where dead legs occur in water systems. Employers are required to control the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria in accordance with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. This is achieved by following the Approved Code of Practice L8 The Control of Legionella (Bacteria in Water Systems).

In general these require the employer to conduct the following:

  • Identification & assessment of the risk
  • Prevention or minimisation of risk from exposure to Legionella
  • Systems for the management and selection, training and competence of personnel
  • Record keeping of maintenance, cleaning and disinfection

CR Smith Project Management staff will work with you and your organisation to ensure the risk from legionella is minimised whether its reviewing and updating risk assessments, conducting routine testing and sampling or advising on appropriate control strategies. You can rest assured in choosing CR Smith Project Management the risk from legionella will be controlled giving you, the client, ‘Peace of Mind’.

The following are a selection of our recommended training courses:

  • On-site “tool-box” training for site-based personnel.
  • Legionella Awareness Training
  • Legionnaires disease and legionella pneumophila control.
  • Application and interpretation of boiler water chemistry.
  • Closed Systems Chemistry, Treatment and on-going Monitoring
  • We work closely with our partners Three Counties Water

Smart Metering Project Management

Producing revenue from historic anomalies would assist in the purchase of Smart Meters. Smart Metering is possibly the most useful tool in delivering ongoing savings in energy spend by providing accurate half-hourly consumption information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

At CR Project Management Ltd we can receive this information on your behalf and provide daily, weekly or monthly alerts via the internet / individual email. This can then form the basis of a properly targeted energy reduction programme.

Building Services Consultancy

At CR Smith Project Management we have fully qualified M&E Consultants who can provide a wide range of building and engineering services from standard Consultancy through to complete Project Management and commissioning. We work nationally across the UK from our office based in the Midlands.

We offer a range of services that are held by over 16 years experience in the industry, such as:-

  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Services
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Energy Conservation
  • Facilities Management
  • Fire, Security & Communications
  • Project Management from inception to completion

Renewable Energy Consultancy

At CR Smith Project Management we provide a full Renewable Consultancy Service, which include Environmental Impact Assessments, Planning, Resource Assessment, Feasibility Studies and Full Project Management. Our service operates throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe. As experienced renewable consultants with no existing relationships with any manufacturers we provide project specific information to our Clients. Working closely with land owners, architects and the community our practical experience and knowledge assists us in identifying and delivering the ideal combination of low and zero carbon solutions for any given project or Client.

Our services / technologies include:-

  • Biomass Boilers
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pumps)
  • ASHP (Air Source Heat Pumps)
  • Wind Turbines
  • Commercial Solar PV and Solar Farms
  • Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation can make the single biggest impact to assist you in achieving your energy saving and carbon reduction targets. It is a simple, cost effective and practical energy management strategy.

Voltage optimisation is the proven technology to deal with the discrepancy between the actual supply voltage received and the optimum voltage your electrical equipment needs. The equipment installed is designed to specifically save energy whilst addressing the problems of over-voltage and poor power quality. The outcome is energy saving, reduced consumption, reduced emissions whilst maintaining equipment performance.

Considering the UK market, it must be highlighted that most of the equipment imported from continental Europe is designed to operate with an incoming supply lower than the nominal 415V. Such equipment is therefore forced to function with a voltage 10 or 20 volts higher than that for which they were designed, resulting in excess consumption which amongst other negative impacts reduces equipment lifespan.  Voltage optimisation can mitigate this issue.

What are the benefits?

Voltage optimisation technology gives the end-user the ability to optimise their supply locally, correcting power quality problems from the grid, and is designed to do so very e-fficiently. In the UK and Europe, voltage optimisation units have achieved average energy savings of around 13{e20f6fdf490802d0163671d51747318509d91bef738d0b942c42e6ae95b4ac92} over the last fi­ve years, making this one of the fastest-growing energy saving techniques on the market. Major businesses (including Tesco, Asda, RBS and Hilton Hotels, and public sector organisations such as DEFRA and the Land Registry) have adopted voltage optimisation as a front-line energy saving measure.

An optimised supply voltage can help you:-

  • Reduce losses in electrical loads, which are present due to over-voltage
  • Reduce maintenance requirements and prolong equipment lifespan
  • Reduce your total energy consumption and electricity bills
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Maintain your CRC commitment by making it easy to assess carbon credit requirement
  • Optimum voltage for equipment

The Institution of Electrical Engineers recommended in a 1996 report that for safety, all electrical equipment needed to be tested across the range 230V +10{e20f6fdf490802d0163671d51747318509d91bef738d0b942c42e6ae95b4ac92}-14{e20f6fdf490802d0163671d51747318509d91bef738d0b942c42e6ae95b4ac92}, so all equipment produced since then should be capable of working from 198–253V. This allowed for the new lower and higher limits plus an allowance of 4{e20f6fdf490802d0163671d51747318509d91bef738d0b942c42e6ae95b4ac92} for voltage drops within the installation.

Operating equipment at a voltage higher than necessary can lead to excessive energy losses in the form of heat.

The optimum voltage for a site may therefore be lower than the voltage actually supplied to the site, although the actual optimum voltage will depend on the type of equipment on the site.

CR Smith Project Management Ltd can source the product specific for our Clients needs via our partner and manage the delivery of the product through to completion on time and within specific budgets .

Utility Bill Validation

We would initially assess your raw consumption/invoices. Your historic energy spend can deliver savings to you going forward. All suppliers employ human beings, and are therefore prone to making errors. We will review your historic billing (up to a maximum of 6 years) and verify that all bills conform to your contract rates. We generally expect to deliver refunds of 5{e20f6fdf490802d0163671d51747318509d91bef738d0b942c42e6ae95b4ac92} of your total energy spend as cash or credits against your future billing.

Project Management AMR Technology

Automated Meter Reading (AMR), is a system developed to provide an automatic digital meter reading. Automated Meter Reading technology works by delivering a remote meter reading, reducing resource costs and enabling better efficiency, cost savings; improved cash flow management, accurate (not estimated) invoices;  and Carbon Reduction Compliance (CRC).

The procurement and installation of Smart Meter and AMR technology is growing exponentially, throughout the UK and the world.

Through our direct partnerships with specific manufacturers CR Smith Energy Management can source the technology and manage the delivery process on behalf of our Clients on time and within specified budgets.

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